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Norwegian Raises Over $2 Billion in Cash to Stabilize Business
Things were looking bleak for the future of Norwegian, just a few days ago. But after raising over $2 billion, the business has been stabilized. This is great news for employees and customers.

Cruise Ship Cancellations Continue
Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Carnival and other cruise lines have extended cancellations. Like everything at the moment, this is a very fluid situation. Be sure to check with your cruise line for the very latest information.

Emirates Performing Rapid Covid-19 Tests!
Prior to boarding some flights from Dubai. It definitely a layer of time and complexity to the check-in process, but definitely opens up options. We'll be interested to see how quickly this becomes adopted by the industry.

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises Entering U.S. Market in 2022!
The Viking Mississippi will set sail in 2022, the cruise line announced today. Click here for the full update and more photos.

2020 Travel Trends

How will Tech Ease Travel in the 2020s? In ways far beyond what we have right now -- tech evolution being what it is. What we already know, however, is that single apps for all travel needs, passport-free travel, and mobile app check-in are the early front-runners, And then what? 

Haunted Ireland

Haunted Ireland: Encounters with The Emerald Isle's Ghostly Past It's only natural that the land where Halloween began has its share of otherworldly encounters. They happen in stately manors, on windswept rocky shores, in ancient castle ruins & many more places. Countless tours take you to the spookiest spots. 

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